Design Bravery & The Big Picture

I'm studying concepts and executions behind the elements of conversational interfaces. This is work I've done with past clients and companies yet it's been a bit of a challenge to explain the breadth of conversational interfaces in terms of understanding how humans act, before, during and after using the product. Yesterday, this article on UXMag: Designing for Emotion Requires Bravery popped up on my radar - and the video perfectly explains the customer journey - in a joyous and unexpected way. 


Conversational interface isn't only about intelligent chatbots and the personalities they employ. It's about creating a meaningful connection - embracing fears, anxieties, trust, hope and happiness. It's not easy to address these elements and all too often, designers and managers try to avoid the unpleasantness altogether. But we can't design around being human and having human experiences without leaving a lot of empathy and understanding on the table. 

What I love about this video, is that it illustrates the emotional arc of a human experience: fear, connection, and ultimately, the payoff of perseverance.