Role: Product Platform Lead
Date: 2017 - Current
IndustryIoT, Blockchain
Focus: Process Automation, B2B2B, Platform Development, Pricing Strategy Development, R&D Management, Customer Engagement


Filament builds comprehensive systems to drive data integrity and data certainty for the enterprise and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our hardware, software, and service solutions allow connected devices and machines to securely interact with and transact value against distributed ledger technology such as a blockchain.

At Filament, I lead a number of initiatives across engineering, sales, marketing, operations, and HR - all to help craft and drive Filament’s FY19/20 growth strategies.


Role: Director of Product - Client Contract
Date: 2016
IndustrySolar / CleanTech
Focus: Process Automation, B2B2C Marketplace, Analytics, Customer Engagement, Funnel Optimization, Business Development & Outreach


Educated customers are the key to driving down solar acquisition costs. The SolarPulse initiative brought Tendril’s our big-data capabilities to drive dynamic content to match explicit and implicit customer needs. Led product roadmap and collaboration with engineering and creative teams through four major product releases, two brand designs, and data-based product iterations. Outperformed industry standard lead-conversion rates by 600%.

Organic Inc. 

Role: Strategy Manager - Client Contract
Date: 2015
IndustryBanking / Financial Services
Focus: Landscape Analysis, Product Strategy, User Research


As a result of the early work we did with this client during my prior role at Organic, we were presented with two impactful opportunities - redesign the client’s homepage and help the client build an application that instills better financial behavior. As the strategy manager on both of these projects, I’ve have led the strategy and landscape reviews for our client. We’ve collaborated with the client through interactive design sessions, usability reviews and more formal landscape implications as well.

Within the homepage redesign, we’ve moved beyond the landscape and implications to the design process and now to prototype usability testing. I’ve led the testing and am currently working with our design and strategy teams to translate the insights into actionable design goals. Within this project, my goal was to help our designers build five design options that balanced new customer awareness with existing customer engagement functionality. Each design moved from basic amplifying the current website experience all the way to creating a what-if design scenario for virtual reality use cases. While the client’s addressable market isn’t yet ready for a VR banking experience, the insights developed can help structure the site to provide a natural progression to that use case if/when the time comes. Personally, the idea of engaging within an open canvas to better understand my bank’s products is incredibly compelling. Then again, I’ve been a proponent of VR since the 80s. 

Within the financial health project, the client signed off on our landscape analysis and insights and the next steps are to move into the prototype design and testing phases. What fascinates me about this project is both the client’s interest in helping its customers achieve better financial and the tools available to do so. Through our analysis, the most fascinating insights and implications came from health and fitness companies like Fitbit, Lark and Strava. While financial health startups are beginning to bubble up, seeing major institutions move this direction is validation the industry desperately needs. The most fun part of this project has been helping the client understand the idea behind gasification - not points and badges, but the actual mechanics of good game design. For anyone interested in the basics of what makes something ‘fun’, read the attached pdf. (Highlights are mine).


  • Application and design strategy development

  • Landscape & Competitive Analysis

  • Collaborative UX & Prototype development

  • Usability testing


Role: Sr. Product Manager
Date: 2015
Industry: Solar & Renewables
Focus: Process Automation, Customer Engagement, Customer Acquisition Funnels


Jetpacks. Hoverboards. Solar Energy. These were the promises of my childhood. Only one seemed to solve a global pressing need. I joined Sungevity as a senior product marketing manager. 

I led the product management of customer experience initiatives for pre-sale and point-of-sale consumer solar initiatives. My goal: create a consistent customer experience while solving for immediate and long-term customer pain points. This led to simplification of financial language and visualizations, development of next-gen customer acquisition funnels and collaboration with our UX team for Sungevity's offline quote process.

By the end of my eighth month, we increased lead conversions by 25%, developed a new messaging framework for our solar quote process and crafted PRDs focused on further funnel simplification initiatives. 

Residential solar is a home improvement decision. While price matters, trust far outweighs a few percent point differences in pricing. From content leadership pre-sale to intuitive energy production and consumption management post-sale, solar energy has to pose greater value than primarily reducing power bills by 20%. The 20 year savings proposition has merit, but the key to unlocking solar is integrating into the everyday lives of homeowners. 


  • Product marketing for pre-sale and point-of-sale customer experience initiatives

  • Product manager and customer experience initiatives across entire customer journey

  • Product manager for operational efficiency initiatives on finance products

  • Liaison between software and marketing teams for bug fixes and feature requests

  • User interaction and user experience planner for customer acquisition initiatives

  • Simplification of customer acquisition funnels

Organic Inc. 

Role: Sr. Strategist Customer Experience - Client Contract
Date: 2014-2015
IndustryBanking / Financial Services
Focus: Process / Customer Journey Optimization, Customer Segmentation, User Research, UX, UI, IA


Organic brought me on for client-specific needs around credit-card portfolio simplification. We faced the challenge of solving for simplicity while balancing an expanding product line. 

Through partnership with Organic and Client leadership, I led the strategy and redesign of their online product marketing strategy.  I focused first on distilling their customer segments into mutually-exclusive, completely exhaustive personas. This allowed us to create a scaleable framework to address future product expansion against specific customer needs. Signoff on this project ultimately led to implementation of product UX and UI design of our work. 

This led to the Client awarding our team with blue-sky strategy work. In this project, we were tasked to develop a roadmap for next-generation mobile and wearable technology.  What began as next-gen work soon transformed into actionable near-term product recommendations. During early customer research phases, we uncovered big picture trends of customer product uses. These formed the basis of where mobile and wearable technology could better guide customers. Underlying our long-term recommendations, we also developed opportunities to immediately impact customer product experiences. 

Our Client stakeholders signed off on both short-term and long-term recommendations. Soon after delivery of these projects, the client awarded Organic with substantially more strategy work.


  • Mobile strategy development

  • User experience strategy

  • User acquisition strategy

  • Customer journey mapping


Role: Operations Lead San Francisco
Date: 2014
Industry: Education
Focus: Growth Strategy, Digital Strategy, Community Engagemen


  • User acquisition & engagement

  • Voice & brand strategy

  • Product marketing

  • Competitive strategy

  • Social media & content strategy


Role: Digital Strategy - Client Contract
Date: 2013-2014
Industry: On Demand Delivery
Focus: Digital Strategy, User Research, Analytics


  • Customer segmentation & persona analysis

  • User acquisition, retention & revenue strategy

  • Marketing analytics


Role: Founder
Date: 2008-2012
Industry: Local Search
Focus: Everything but the dev. 




Ever ask someone “what’re you in the mood for?” Ever try to Google something like “mellow things to do in Austin?” How about “where to go for a hot sweaty dance night in Austin”. We did, our friends did, and surprisingly many of our friends of friends did as well. So we did what seemed normal and built a search engine that organize live-entertainment options (live music, movies, theatre, sports, restaurants, etc..) by the mood those events evoked. 

  • We began with top ten lists to test our algorithms.

  • We migrated to mood recipes, top combination of moods identified by our algorithms.

  • We opened up local search to any combination of 7 moods: sunny, sensual, mellow, melancholy, energetic, intense and quirky. (Surprisingly, the combination of any these moods leads you to 95% of any emotional experience you’ll have. The other 5% was visceral hate, but we didn’t think it would make sense to let people search for that mood.)

We ran the company for nearly five years. We raised multiple rounds of seed funding. We won a lot of awards and hackathons. But at the end, I didn’t have the best idea on what it takes to build a business that makes money vs. a business that people enjoy using. Those two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but I also believe this was a tremendous learning experience for me. 

Outside of the incredible amounts of awesome swag we designed, my greatest joy in this endeavor came down to the following: 

  • Working with incredibly talented engineers, designers and developers

  • Testing our algorithms 3-4 times a week by attending said live entertainment experiences

  • Learning what it takes to operate a tech startup from the ground up.

I still have tons of moodfish stickers, so if you want a piece of nostalgia, let me know. 


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  • Product strategy

  • Product marketing

  • Product roadmap

  • Business development

  • Partner strategy development

  • Community management (events / local communities)

  • Team acquisition & team development




McCombs School of Business - University of Texas, Austin
MBA – Marketing & Strategy
Austin, TX

Trinity University
BS – Marketing & Finance
San Antonio, TX

Python Development – Python, Data Analysis (Numpy, Pandas, PyPlot)
Denver, CO

DesignTheory – UX, UI, IA, Wireframing, Prototyping
San Francisco, CA

App Development – Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Austin, TX